Strawberries are back!

Yes it’s true! We have an abundance of seascape strawberries, which is an ever bearing variety. They are bigger then hoods and almost just as sweet. The best part about them is they continue bearing until mid October! They are available for  u-pick and already picked in our store. They are $1.25 a lb u-pick and  $32 a crate already picked. 

 The’re just waiting to be picked! 

The’re just waiting to be picked! 


We know have u-pick blueberries, kotota blackberries, black currants, and raspberries. They are all $1.25 a lb and are also available already picked at our store.

Farm updates!

After almost three weeks of delicious Hood strawberries, the season is almost over. The U-Pick field is still open (Monday through Saturday 7-7) But this will be the last week. Already picked strawberries are no longer available in our store. However, blueberry season is now about to begin. U-Picks will begin Friday, June 10th, and the berries will be $1.25 a pound. Beginning Monday, June 13th, our hours will be Monday through Saturday, 8-6, always closed on Sunday. We also have U-Pick black currants available now, they are also $1.25 a pound. 

In our store we will be selling already picked blueberries, currants, cherries, melons, apples, scones. cookies, and other fresh produce. Come by and see us today!